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Dolphin Tour

On the dolphin watching tour, we left the sheltered waters of Ria Formosa and set out in search of them. In this sea exit, we sail along the Algarve coast where you will also have the opportunity to observe sea birds and other animals.

Keep your eyes wide open during the ride and be the first to see the dolphins. Your captain is very experienced and will take you to the places where wild dolphins are most often encountered, in order to observe their behavior. This is an exciting experience. Come and observe and admire the beauty of the wild dolphins that live in the Algarve sea, one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal!

On this tour, please note that dolphin watching cannot be guaranteed 100%. These are wild animals in their natural environment. However, we do everything to provide the sighting of these animals, always respecting the rules of observation.

The routes of our tours are based on previous experience, previous sightings and constant radio contact with professional fishermen. Our company is fully-licensed and accredited by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forest - ICNF and the Portuguese Tourism Board.

Come with us in search of one of the most wonderful life shows in the oceans and share this unique experience with your family and friends!